We love this neighbourhood.

The beauty of this place isn't always obvious to people at first sight. It’s not everyone’s ideal location. Beneath the surface there is a vibrant, friendly and welcoming community. People look after each other, share houses and food, and celebrate whenever they can.
Like any place, it’s got it’s share of issues. Poverty has taken it’s toll and some of the issues facing this community are pretty tough and the resources required are hard to come by. Even though people are committed to working towards a future they want, a bit of a helping hand every now and then is appreciated.

When you’ve started so far behind the 8 ball it can sometimes be hard to catch up in these areas.

So we’ve developed two ways to join people in their journey.


Part of the profit from every wristband sold goes into a fund for the community to decide how to use for the common good of the whole community.
People have shared dreams of what would be good for their community. Things like better drinking water, toilets that provide privacy from onlookers, gas cookers to replace mud fires, good education for their children (and themselves). This fund can help make some of those dreams a reality.
The rest of the profit goes to developing the business so that we can provide more good jobs and choices for more people.

Many people have had to borrow money with high interest so that they could pay for expenses like weddings and medical care. Others simply needed a top up with the daily household expenses and food.
For some, the interest means they never get on top of these loans and all a good job does is secure the loan shark's long-term income!
Heaps Choice Loans consolidates the debts of our workers and allows them to pay it back interest-free out of their monthly wage. This helps provide them with a life of heaps of choice rather than heaps of debt.